Women Empowerment.

Women of today is powerful and strong and has the potential to do everything.Times have evolved like a rolling ball and women have made their ways to get acknowledged in their own distinct ways. They are actively taking part in every field even the ones which were highly male dominated.
It makes me so proud to see women taking on high positions in their professions and competing with males in every possible way. They are setting examples and motivating other women to set their goals and strive to achieve them.
Living in a society that still possess that ancient mentality of early marriages and considering women to be confined with only their houses. Women are expected to look after their families and spouses. They are asked to pray for their husband’s success and stay happy in every situation.
To all these prevailing conditions, questions keeps arising in my mind. Is it a women’s duty to make compromises and bear everything and still stay quite? Are there still restrictions for women? Probably NOT.. At least I personally believe that women too have the right to move ahead and do whatever they desire of. My notion is to portray the other side of the picture, where at one place women are progressing and acquiring remarkable positions. They are working tremendously to get recognition and identification in front of the world, but on the other hand there are numerous women sitting inside houses having copious dreams engraved in their hearts and living their lives as no less than a puppet. Why are they forced to live a life like this? The answer to this is simple but people’s mentalities are grueling which have keep them intact with those old school thinking.
Thus, women should themselves gather courage and start taking baby steps to procure their ambitions. One thing that I realized is that If Women can do every thing to make people and their families happy, they should NEVER step back from something that makes them happy.
Ultimately women has the flair to be successful, whereby they can emulate and sway the world in every walk of life.
Hats off to women dynamism and aptitude…


Temper Tantrums and Anxiety among children.

Children these days are more prone to get aggressive and have temper tantrums which consist of screaming, crying, hitting, misbehaving etc. It develops anxiety and perturbation among children which becomes difficult to handle if it starts occurring frequently. This is not something to get worried or panic about and is very common in children aged above 3 years in both boys and girls.  Apparently, temper tantrums or anxiety are not a sign of paranoia or mental illness. The bizarre behavior is easy to overcome and so the children can get back to calm and relaxed state of being again.

Now first of all, the root cause of the shamble should be detected that is what has caused the children to show such antagonistic and aggressive behavior. Generally, Tantrums and anxiety may occur when children are tired, ignored, hurt by someone, uncomfortable, hungry or anything that might trigger their anger or guilt and despite being able to handle the situation they fight and become hyper. Moreover, children as little as 3 years or so needs time to learn such managing and controlling skills and so the most facile thing they can do is to blow up with their hostile and belligerent behavior.

This phase of children is strenuous for both the parents to cope up with. Many a times, they themselves tend to get irritated and outburst their aggression towards their young ones. This, further makes the situation critical and scathing.  Parents are likely to feel embarrassed when this happens in front of other people and they cannot control the child’s temperament.  Thus, it does not mean that children should be punished and scolded, but they can be taught and explained which will surely make things better. However, it should not be forgotten that behind every combative behavior is a child who needs comfort, security and love. Children can better understand things with love and politeness, as well as the teaching strategies that will enable them to find their way through and manage things effectively.

On the other hand, children at this stage are going through the phase of learning language and thus cannot completely explain what is bothering them. Similarly, children at this stage are learning and experimenting new behaviors and expressions. Obviously, it will take time to deal with frustration and that is not a big issue.

Thus, parents can help children to overcome their temperament and avoid tantrums to occur in the first place. First of all a well planned routine should be set with proper sleep and eating time, where as play and tv time should not be neglected also. Parents should consider the likes and dislikes of their children and schedule things accordingly.

Furthermore, giving them attention and positive energy is of vital importance.  Parents have to give at least little authority to these young people and listen attentively to them. If possible, some things should be implanted upon as they wish, for example, food, clothes of their choice, etc. Similarly, children should be engaged in any kind of activity that will keep them occupied. Keeping them distracted and indulged in something is the achievement on its own. It should not be forgotten that children imitate the parents and the act of hitting and spanking should be terminated by them as well.

All in all, children gain maturity over time and so they learn the skill to speak up about what they want or what is bothering them. Even they will learn to manage and handle things and the norms about the expected reaction from them. Thus, child tantrums and aggression diminish over time and so does the stress of the parents.

Slim down the plump body..

Nowadays, increased number of people are cognizant of their obese body and are prone to purge of the superfluous body fat. Carrying around enormous weight feels uncomfortable and builds up social anxiety for an individual due to lack of confidence. Eventually obesity rates have skyrocketed in many countries. It can lead to innumerable health issues like diabetes and heart disease.
Curtailing calories, in order to decrease obesity is not strenuous in any way. The strategy to truncate excessive weight is to delimit the amount of calories taken through the diet, backing up with exercises on daily basis to burn to burn the extra calories. In order to acquire instantaneous results both of them concurrently can help in reducing weight.
One of the simplest, yet most advantageous way of burning out unwanted additional fat is walking. The exercise is less complicated and so can be done easily. As the name sounds,walking can be the first step on the path of eliminating extra weight, advancing it further to yoga and even gym regime. Not only this, walking on its own is beneficial to control several health issues especially diabetes. It ameliorates the metabolism of an individual which plays a vital role in reducing weight levels.
Moreover, cycling contributes to one of the best workouts that can be carried out easily and is very effective in burning enormous body fats, mainly the belly fat. The exercise helps to increase cardiovascular fitness as well as upgrades posture. The cheaper the exercise, the speedy the results.
Last but not the least aerobics which is a multitasking weight loss method enhances the body’s ability to use fat as a vital source. It increases the efficiency of respiration and helps in to reduce obesity. Additionally, it uplifts the metabolism to stimulate weight loss.
The information to counter excessive weight is unfathomable. The denouement is likely to be an indubitably perfect and healthy body with reattained confidence and comfort levels.

Motherhood: A gift to a woman

Life is not the same any more. Gone are those carefree days when all I had to do was study and spent my time as I wanted to. Life had complete freedom to hang out with friends and enjoy the utmost one have yen for. I can still recall the time when I used to get frustrated with my mother’s mandate and regulations.  Even crazy was the fact that I struggled hard to escape my studies and enjoy life.

Never knew fate had different plans for me and I got married just after my o levels at the age of 17. Life took a drastic flip and I was handed a huge list of responsibilities. The do’s and dont’s list was even more lengthy. Thus, days passed by with me getting used to of the new yet strange environment. It was not that rigid completely whereby I even enjoyed the time with my husband. Days turned into months when one day I came to know about my pregnancy. Motherhood came to me when I was still a teenager and I was blessed with a beautiful son. His existence in my life made me feel as if I have met the purpose of my life and I need nothing but him. The feeling I had when I first took him in my arms made me forget the entire duration of the immense child birth pain and torment. The little angel made me do everything for him that I had never even imagined of doing with a bright smile on my face. The drastic change in my routine kept me awake all night, change diapers when even a stingy smell before marriage made me irritated. Feeding the baby and listening to his unnecessary cries as if it were a melody was an addition. It was not that I did not get tired or lethargic but being a mother in itself is a thing which enables a woman to do anything for the sake of her baby. A woman becomes more strong and mature after the entire process. It is something which can one can hardly express in words.

Last but not the least, I have always heard that motherhood makes a woman complete and after experiencing it I can completely relate to it. Truly heaven lies under the feet of a mother because she deserves it.

Hats off to all the mothers xx