Motherhood: A gift to a woman

Life is not the same any more. Gone are those carefree days when all I had to do was study and spent my time as I wanted to. Life had complete freedom to hang out with friends and enjoy the utmost one have yen for. I can still recall the time when I used to get frustrated with my mother’s mandate and regulations.  Even crazy was the fact that I struggled hard to escape my studies and enjoy life.

Never knew fate had different plans for me and I got married just after my o levels at the age of 17. Life took a drastic flip and I was handed a huge list of responsibilities. The do’s and dont’s list was even more lengthy. Thus, days passed by with me getting used to of the new yet strange environment. It was not that rigid completely whereby I even enjoyed the time with my husband. Days turned into months when one day I came to know about my pregnancy. Motherhood came to me when I was still a teenager and I was blessed with a beautiful son. His existence in my life made me feel as if I have met the purpose of my life and I need nothing but him. The feeling I had when I first took him in my arms made me forget the entire duration of the immense child birth pain and torment. The little angel made me do everything for him that I had never even imagined of doing with a bright smile on my face. The drastic change in my routine kept me awake all night, change diapers when even a stingy smell before marriage made me irritated. Feeding the baby and listening to his unnecessary cries as if it were a melody was an addition. It was not that I did not get tired or lethargic but being a mother in itself is a thing which enables a woman to do anything for the sake of her baby. A woman becomes more strong and mature after the entire process. It is something which can one can hardly express in words.

Last but not the least, I have always heard that motherhood makes a woman complete and after experiencing it I can completely relate to it. Truly heaven lies under the feet of a mother because she deserves it.

Hats off to all the mothers xx


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