Women Empowerment.

Women of today is powerful and strong and has the potential to do everything.Times have evolved like a rolling ball and women have made their ways to get acknowledged in their own distinct ways. They are actively taking part in every field even the ones which were highly male dominated.
It makes me so proud to see women taking on high positions in their professions and competing with males in every possible way. They are setting examples and motivating other women to set their goals and strive to achieve them.
Living in a society that still possess that ancient mentality of early marriages and considering women to be confined with only their houses. Women are expected to look after their families and spouses. They are asked to pray for their husband’s success and stay happy in every situation.
To all these prevailing conditions, questions keeps arising in my mind. Is it a women’s duty to make compromises and bear everything and still stay quite? Are there still restrictions for women? Probably NOT.. At least I personally believe that women too have the right to move ahead and do whatever they desire of. My notion is to portray the other side of the picture, where at one place women are progressing and acquiring remarkable positions. They are working tremendously to get recognition and identification in front of the world, but on the other hand there are numerous women sitting inside houses having copious dreams engraved in their hearts and living their lives as no less than a puppet. Why are they forced to live a life like this? The answer to this is simple but people’s mentalities are grueling which have keep them intact with those old school thinking.
Thus, women should themselves gather courage and start taking baby steps to procure their ambitions. One thing that I realized is that If Women can do every thing to make people and their families happy, they should NEVER step back from something that makes them happy.
Ultimately women has the flair to be successful, whereby they can emulate and sway the world in every walk of life.
Hats off to women dynamism and aptitude…


12 Replies to “Women Empowerment.”

  1. we cant change anyone but ourselves. baby steps starts with ME…be great at it and inspire more to do the same…yes i understand your point, appreciate the concern


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