Temper Tantrums and Anxiety among children.

Children these days are more prone to get aggressive and have temper tantrums which consist of screaming, crying, hitting, misbehaving etc. It develops anxiety and perturbation among children which becomes difficult to handle if it starts occurring frequently. This is not something to get worried or panic about and is very common in children aged above 3 years in both boys and girls.  Apparently, temper tantrums or anxiety are not a sign of paranoia or mental illness. The bizarre behavior is easy to overcome and so the children can get back to calm and relaxed state of being again.

Now first of all, the root cause of the shamble should be detected that is what has caused the children to show such antagonistic and aggressive behavior. Generally, Tantrums and anxiety may occur when children are tired, ignored, hurt by someone, uncomfortable, hungry or anything that might trigger their anger or guilt and despite being able to handle the situation they fight and become hyper. Moreover, children as little as 3 years or so needs time to learn such managing and controlling skills and so the most facile thing they can do is to blow up with their hostile and belligerent behavior.

This phase of children is strenuous for both the parents to cope up with. Many a times, they themselves tend to get irritated and outburst their aggression towards their young ones. This, further makes the situation critical and scathing.  Parents are likely to feel embarrassed when this happens in front of other people and they cannot control the child’s temperament.  Thus, it does not mean that children should be punished and scolded, but they can be taught and explained which will surely make things better. However, it should not be forgotten that behind every combative behavior is a child who needs comfort, security and love. Children can better understand things with love and politeness, as well as the teaching strategies that will enable them to find their way through and manage things effectively.

On the other hand, children at this stage are going through the phase of learning language and thus cannot completely explain what is bothering them. Similarly, children at this stage are learning and experimenting new behaviors and expressions. Obviously, it will take time to deal with frustration and that is not a big issue.

Thus, parents can help children to overcome their temperament and avoid tantrums to occur in the first place. First of all a well planned routine should be set with proper sleep and eating time, where as play and tv time should not be neglected also. Parents should consider the likes and dislikes of their children and schedule things accordingly.

Furthermore, giving them attention and positive energy is of vital importance.  Parents have to give at least little authority to these young people and listen attentively to them. If possible, some things should be implanted upon as they wish, for example, food, clothes of their choice, etc. Similarly, children should be engaged in any kind of activity that will keep them occupied. Keeping them distracted and indulged in something is the achievement on its own. It should not be forgotten that children imitate the parents and the act of hitting and spanking should be terminated by them as well.

All in all, children gain maturity over time and so they learn the skill to speak up about what they want or what is bothering them. Even they will learn to manage and handle things and the norms about the expected reaction from them. Thus, child tantrums and aggression diminish over time and so does the stress of the parents.


22 Replies to “Temper Tantrums and Anxiety among children.”

  1. Great post! I have definitely seen incidents where parents went a little overboard in disciplining their child (& this strangely usually happens in grocery stores). While I don’t disagree in giving discipline when necessary I do disagree with discipline going too far. There has to be a balance in correction with tenderness towards the child.


  2. Very true and some parents tend to be ignorant concerning this.
    They feel spanking and punishment is the best to curtail such behavior not knowing the child is yet to find balance and still experimenting.
    Good article.


  3. Many times children are only imitating what they are seeing/ grasping from the environment around them for example the attitude of parents, siblings, friends, television, youTube.
    Also, toddlers are great learners; parents should look into the way they are being treated let alone blame them for the attitude. That may solve the problem to a certain extent.


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